Many of us have had challenges at one time or another when it comes to relationships, particularly romantic ones.

I have a special passion for, and experience in, supporting individuals when it comes to all aspects of relationship, no matter what stage of relationship you are in, including not being in one at all.


  • In Between Relationships, and looking to create a connection that works?
  • Dating and in need of support?
  • In a New Relationship and looking for support to have a different and healthier outcome?
  • In a Relationship, and having challenges and struggles?
  • Feeling Stuck, and not knowing how to be in action, to heal or move on
  • Coming Out of a Relationship that didn't work?
  • Are you looking to Connect to Yourself in a way that will support you in having a better connection to a current or future partner?
  • Has a Recent or Early life Trauma or a Series of Bad Experiences have you unable to be in a relationship at all?
  • Have you struggled to Find, Build and/or Maintain a Relationship?

Using a framework of Art Therapy / Psychotherapy, as well as talking, External link opens in new tab or windowcoaching, mindfulness, parts work, etc, you can learn to recognize that PAST Experiences DO NOT have to Determine FUTURE OUTCOMES. And that you can Enter Into, Be In and if needed, End Relationships, in New and Healthy Ways.

 Workshops and Events:

 Do you have a significant life event coming up and are looking for a creative way to celebrate. I/we can design a special experience for you, your partner, friends, family, etc...using art, and creative play for a uniquely special time.

LoveSHOPs are workshops specifically designed for women 40+ who are stuck around relationships. In these workshops, we work with you to create new ways of being with yourself, and through that new understanding, supporting you in accessing new ways of connecting with another.

LoveShops are co-facilitated with Jane Harris, Dating/Relationship Coach (see testimonials below).

To schedule an appointment with me, Linda Turner, LCAT, ATR-BC, call (917) 445-7587 or email.

Please contact me, Linda Turner, LCAT, ATR-BC, to learn more about any of these events or other workshops: (917) 445-7587 or email.

LoveSHOP and JUMPSTART Testimonials:

“The LoveShop made a huge difference in the way I look at men and relationships. It gave me an entirely new perspective. After each session we were given homework, they called it LoveWork, during the fourth session’s LoveWork, I met a prince! I am now in an amazing relationship, having the time of my life!”

Kate, 43 (Kate met her future husband while doing a LoveShop/LoveWork exercise)

“During JumpStart! I trusted Jane and Linda with my life for a day and they helped me to learn how to change my thoughts for a lifetime!  They really know what they’re doing! Before the workshop I was just coasting along.  I was unaware of what and why I was not feeling any sense of balance, and often dealing with a sense of impending doom,  no way to live. Since the workshop I have transformed my life in just about every facet.  I have chosen to stop the self-sabotaging ways that were keeping me from succeeding.  I am now traveling like I never imagined, making more money without working harder, taking better care of myself than I have in years, and finally, I have stop trying to take care of the whole world.  I can’t say enough about how transforming this workshop has been for me.

Brenda, Reflexologist, 55


JumpStart! made a huge impact on moving forward in my business. Before the workshop I had wanted to start blogging, but was hesitant because I was worried about other peoples opinions. After JumpStart! I felt confident and ready; now I’m blogging all the time about female reproductive health. The creative processes we used left me with ongoing tools that give me the courage to move forward, and when I go into a spin the ability to get right back into action! 

L.Giordano, 46


I went to JumpStart! questioning why, since my divorce six years ago, I have not been with a man I would love and who would love me. I was frustrated, feeling that I was missing something in my life and was wondering what was wrong with me. JumpStart!allowed me to shift my self perception. There is a choice in life for me to make every day. I have to look deep into myself and find my happiness within. No outside factor or man will do it. Now I am a more balanced, content individual. I appreciate the daily pleasures of my life. I have faith that I will meet my partner. It is my choice to be a happy, confident, intelligent and content woman who is sharing her joy of life with all the people on her way.  JumpStart! gave me visual tools that I put to use to create a shift within myself – and the shift in life follows. Thank you so much, ladies! You rock for changing our lives for the better!

JF, 37, Single mother, Ad Sales


JumpStart! was a very effective tool for re-activating whatever I needed to get activated!  For a long time prior to doing JumpStart! I felt dried up. My voices, (inspiration) had stopped “talking” to me. After our one day workshop I felt fluid again, creative “juicy”. I started writing a novel, that I had wanted to write for a very long time and never did! Both Jane, and Linda are fabulous. They provide all the stimulus and nurturing I needed to get re-started!

J Bailey, 60


After the LoveShop, I chose to take on dating like my job in sales. I reached out to as many men as I could, seeing who responded. Well, I began talking to 8 men! I never felt so good, happy and received so many compliments. And to think I was soooo scared and fearful!  It felt amazing. I had 4 dates one week!  It only took one! I am now in a relationship with a great guy!

P.C, Entrepreneur, 42


The LoveShop reminded me I have a choice; all I need to do is act, because nothing is in my way. It reminded me to be who I am and not to hide parts of myself for fear of being perceived in a negative way. I have been waiting for the right moment, the right energy, the right something’ to act on my wish for a relationship. Now I feel it’s within my grasp every second.

Vicki, 56, and never been married … Yet!!!!

Participating in the LoveShop opened my eyes to the reality of my choices and their effect on my love life. I am better equipped to brave new relationships.  I am able to access my own strength and power. Linda and Jane really know what they are talking about! 

S.B., Attorney, 39

During the LoveShop I expanded my mind and heart. It was like stretching a rubber band so far that it will never go back to the same size it started with!Before the LoveShop, I genuinely had a misconception of men.  During our time together, I found out that my thoughts were just stories I made up in my head. A big aha moment presented itself, when I discovered a new way of “being”, a new way of looking at myself and how I related to men. It was a real eye-opener. Our sessions together were fun and insightful.  I never missed one, because they were that good!! They shared wonderful tidbits on men from actual surveys taken by men and how they perceive women.  It was truly enlightening.  A wonderful perk was meeting and developing new friendships with wonderful women who continue to inspire, lend an ear, and words of encouragement. If you are considering taking this course, I highly recommend it. Give it to yourself as a GIFT. You will definitely thank yourself for it. Happy Stretching!

H.S, 54


The LoveShop provided something for me that I did not have before, access to my feminine energy and power. 

Teresa P, Accountant, 43


As a result of the LoveShop, my life has propelled in many ways. I would give the LoveShops an A. I’ve had a transformation, and my level of confidence bumped up. I went back to the gym and just signed up for a tennis meet-up. After the LoveShop, I finally feel awakened within; with motivation, love and support.

K.D., 55


My goal going into JumpStart! was to change my relationship to  my finances.Immediately after the workshop I initiated a vulnerable conversation with my boyfriend about my financial struggles, and was able to receive both his emotional support and this help in learning new strategies to improve my finances.  That night I took concrete actions toward lowering my credit card debt. The combination of working with imagery, emotion, and exploring beliefs, along with defining goals and setting deadlines for achieving them, makes JumpStart! an effective workshop for anyone wanting to emotional breakthrough that translates into real action and change! 

Mental Health Professional, 47

JumpStart! provided for me an intensive and impactful learning experience including the practical application of skills with immediate and long-term benefits. I gained new levels of self-awareness, clarity, energy and optimism and the means to regenerate them when impacted by life circumstances/events. A critical skill learned was to distinguish old, unhelpful habits and thoughts and consciously choose positive, affirming alternatives. In relationships, I now experience more spontaneity, fun, freedom and connection. In creativity (a priority for me as a retired person), I have pursued new interests in music and have renewed interests in writing and photography. I am committed to practice the breakthroughs provided by JumpStart!

Retired professional , 70