As we reach middle age and beyond, new challenges and struggles arise, and sometimes we need the support of a person outside of our daily lives, who can work with us to understand what we are experiencing and support us in moving forward in new ways.

Working together, we will explore what you have accomplished thus far, what is working in your life, what has not; where you are right now and what is possible in this next chapter. Through a combination of verbal and art based explorations, combined with mindfulness techniques, new coping strategies are developed, new beliefs can come into existence and new actions then become possible.

Also, please take a look at our workshop series to Jumpstart areas of life in which you find yourself stuck as well as the workshop series for single women 40+ 

 To schedule a consultation or appointment with me, LInda Turner, LCAT, ATR-BC, (917) 445-7587 or email.