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Everyone has challenges at one time or another when it comes to relationships, particularly romantic ones.

Past based experiences and beliefs, damaging thoughts and unwanted or hard to reign in feelings show up; Art Therapy and Psychotherapy can be beneficial at ANY stage:

  • In Between Relationships, and looking to create a connection that works?
  • Dating and in need of support?
  • In a New Relationship and looking for support to have a different and healthier outcome?
  • In a Relationship, and having challenges and struggles?
  • Feeling Stuck, and not knowing how to be in action, to heal or move on?
  • Coming Out of a Relationship that didn't work?
  • Looking for a way to Honor the Relationship You Have, get back to the way things were
  • Are you looking to Connect to Yourself in a way that will support you in having a better connection to a current or future partner?
  • Has a Recent or Early life Trauma or a Series of Bad Experiences have you unable to be in a relationship at all?
  • Have you struggled to Find, Build and/or Maintain a Relationship?

Using a variety of approaches that could include Art Therapy, talking, coaching, mindfulness and others, you will learn to recognize that PAST Experiences DO NOT have to Determine FUTURE OUTCOMES. And that you can Enter Into, Be In and even End Relationships in New and Healthy Ways.

To schedule an appointment with me, Linda Turner, LCAT, ATR-BC, call (917) 445-7587 or email.

Workshops and Events 

- A powerful series of 9 week "Loveshops"  for single women 35+. For more information and/or to register for the next series, please email or call: . You can also find more information at: 

- Singles and couples events using art and creative play as a way to connect. For information on these events go to:

- Do you have a significant life event coming up and are looking for a creative way to celebrate. I/we can design a special experience for you, your partner, friends, family, etc...using art, and creative play for a uniquely special time. Please contact me, Linda Turner, LCAT, ATR-BC to learn more: (917) 445-7587 or email.

To schedule a consultation or appointment: (917) 445-7587 or email.